It’s not easy writing this today as a major part of our trip to Australia has had to be cancelled.

It started all so well – with the recording of voices in Perth taking less time than expected, and the training in Sydney being so very well received.

But then it changed. Most of the team had to go to the hospital Emergency Department for different reasons: extreme and persistent lower back pain; a possibly detached retina (emergency laser surgery was required).

This resulted in us having to cancel our training trip to Timor Leste, our workshops in Tasmania, and our network opportunity in New Zealand. We did get further opportunity to fellowship with the team in Australia which was great.

But now it’s all over. And all too soon.

It’s at times like this that faith can be severely challenged, and what you thought you heard God extremely doubtful. But that’s our weakness, God is always true and faithful, even when we don’t understand why something has gone the way it has, or what the purpose of it all is.

We’re thankful we can turn to God and trust him. One day we’ll know why all this occurred – but not now. It is enough for us to lean on Him.

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