Media Trainee Programme

Do you want to learn how to reach across cultures with the power of media? Are you keen to develop your spiritual walk in a multi-cultural setting? The RW Media Production Trainee Opportunity could be just right for you.

Come and join a small but enthusiastic team in the North of England and develop your media production skills by producing a media project for an unreached community on your heart.

You’ll learn all about media creation, production, creativity, writing, distribution, social media, and more. Every media project has different requirements and you’ll be fully engaged throughout every aspect, as well as having the opportunity to work to your existing skills and develop new ones.

A typical week might include a time of mentored learning, followed by research and creative output. You could be writing scripts, recording interviews, or producing material already recorded.

Every month you’ll meet for fellowship with other WEC missionaries in the area and get to know their work.

The trainee programme you will join has these 5 goals:

1) experience cross cultural media ministry,

2) receive practical training in production,

3) work in a multicultural team environment,

4) develop spiritually, and

5) gain exposure to WEC.

No formal qualifications are required. However, it is essential you have good English (both written and spoken). We would like you to have good organisational skills and time management.

No previous media experience is necessary.

Interested? Have a look at this document (RW – Media Trainee Programme Intro) then get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.