Here’s the latest catch up from RW – there’s lots to cover so grab a beverage and make yourself comfortable.

In summary: We attended EMDC in The Netherlands, we’re developing a social media strategy; we’ve been to The Gambia, Tanzania and Greece; and we finished TWW.


Once again we had the privilege and opportunity to attend EMDC. This year we did it differently, though. Christopher went to train in the Pre-EMDC days, while Lydia and Tony attended the EMDC conference together.

The training was, as usual, effective – but so many people couldn’t get visas this year the number was very much fewer than we had anticipated.

The conference was also excellent – and despite her fears of being overwhelmed by sheer numbers as well as technical terminology, Lydia gained a lot by attending. With over 600 people attending there were plenty of opportunities for mealtime and ad-hoc meetings and discussions. There were times for surprise get-togethers too – with long-time friends unexpectedly meeting up.

We had a great opportunity to meet with other WECers from Mobile Advance and MARC ministries. These discussions may well lead to greater synergy and exciting developments.


One outcome of the EMDC conference was a renewed vision and energy to reengage with our Social MEdia presence (i.e. FaceBook.) As from May 20, Lydia will be making daily posts under the following strategy’: Mondays will be ministry focussed, Tuesday will look at trips and the countries visited, Wednesday will be wise thoughts and sayings, Thursdays will be looking back into our history, and Fridays will end the day with some light-hearted content. Another way of putting it is Monday Ministry, Tuesday Trips, Wednesday Wisdom, Throwback Thursday and Friday Fun.

Of course if there’s anything extra that is important you’ll see that too.

And then there’s always our monthly newsletter which will contain more information, praise and prayer.

The Gambia:

We had a surprise request from the local churches in The Gambia to come and train a number of pastors and workers who all had an opportunity to air programmes.

More than a dozen came together for our training and learnt the usual subjects of audience engagement, interviewing, writing, microphones, and so on. Both Christopher and Tony shared the load of the lectures. There was plenty of interaction and fellowship, with people coming and going throughout the week.

Please pray that the students will overcome their traditions and work through some of the new ideas we gave them so that they might be more effective in reaching local non-believers.


19 Students (12 girls and 7 boys) in their teens and early twenties made up the class which Christopher went to teach at Habari Maalum College.

One of the girls came from Cameroon was a close friend of another student (a Muslim) and was discipling her. It is very encouraging that evangelism happens within the college in an informal manner. Although English was not well-spoken buy the students many were able to complete excellent assignments in English.

The college is very appreciative of RW’s contribution to the teaching as it helps them to stand out as an excellent college with an International faculty.

Some of the previous students are now working as journalists and producers with reputable media organisations, including one working for the BBC.


European immigration and migration is a hot topic at the moment – in Europe that is!

But we were asked by Pamir Ministries and Hellenic Ministries to help train migrant, new believers in Greece who have the heart to reach their fellow countrymen with radio. There were about 16 people who came together for our week’s training which was given through an interpreter. They were long hard days but full of blessings and stories of coming to faith in very difficult circumstances.

As usual, please pray for the students as they take what they learnt and apply it. They will be moving on from Greece at some point and a new group will replace them – a new group that will need training too!

One of the most unusual aspects was that we were invited to train in the very same building the RW ministry went to over 20 years ago! The studio that was then brand new had not been used except to store clothing for refugees. It was great to see it back to its original purpose!

Tigers, Wirraways and Willow’:

Finally, we have finished post-production of TWW and made it available.

All the voices involved have been sent a link to the finished programmes as has the author, who was ‘very pleased’ with the results.

We’ve uploaded it to our Soundcloud account as a series of 5 podcasts. You can access them as a playlist by following this link: