We recently had the privilege of once again attending a biannual conference for media specialist in Thailand. Part of this was to run a 4-day workshop for those interested in improving or gaining audio skills.

We’ve been before and had only a handful of students. This year we had 20 – the most ever!

With so many students we were able to divide them into 5 teams each producing a 10-minute audio piece of their own design. We had a great mixture of work – ranging from international relationships based on the space-race to heart issues of Thai teenagers.

There was a great mixture of experience and expectation which culminated in some of them going away with the challenge of reviewing what they’re doing with an attempt to improve the effectiveness of their ministry.

Here are some quotes from the students:

‘Friendly, helpful, approachable, knowledgeable.’

‘I really liked the group session – the practical aspects of working together under a deadline.’

‘I think everything was good in order to get the bird’s eye view of the subject. I also thought the [Gray] Matrix  was very useful and got me thinking. I do think that we are reaching out to the wrong audience with our teaching. We think we are reaching out to the non believers but rather we are reaching out to the believers. This is why we are not seeing church growth! I’m convinced this is the problem. The Matrix diagram was very helpful for me. I think we need to point this out to everyone and we all need to reevaluate our teaching materials to see if we really are geared to reach the non believer. Thanks for sharing this idea.’

Chris has safely returned from his India trip with four videos nestled safely on his laptop.

The students this year were split into four groups and each produced a short video on their smartphones having never done anything like this before.

We think the results are quite good. Do you?

All the videos are on our new RW YouTube page. Just follow these links:

Rich Poor‘: https://youtu.be/2djVXMGSiZU

Teacher Student‘: https://youtu.be/NbLn0nT1wNE

Video 2‘: https://youtu.be/Xd7bn8ghi5M

Video 3‘: https://youtu.be/zE6PDMVC–w

Once again we’re training at Bethel in Coimbatore , and the students are fully engaged with what Chris is telling them!



Our new ‘Social Media and Radio Training’ course is rapidly taking shape.

It runs from 2 to 6 July 2018 and includes topics such as Communication Strategy, Writing, Creativity, Interviews, Features, Music Programmes, Ethics and more. There are 2 days of on-air broadcast in a Community Radio Station as well. (And if you really want to dive in to community radio then opt-in for our extended broadcast schedule for another 5 days on-air experience.)

With only 15 places available you need to book now. So get in touch: we’ll give you all the info you need.