We are a small, friendly team with a passion for media.

Our programmes have been broadcast around the world and our training takes place in Asia, Africa and Europe. Whether you’re exploring media use in a Cross Cultural setting, wanting to sharpen your skills, or even to have us review what you do and give advice, everything we do is free.

We may be small, but we have a big vision!

Our philosophy

Too often we hear the complaint that no-one is listening to our programmes. When we dig deeper, we realise people are targetting the wrong audience with what they do, or are creating the wrong material for their preferred audience.

Either way, we understand the tensions between stakeholders and audience likes.

Our philosophy is to produce Culturally sensitive media and to equip others to do the same.

This involves understanding the listener, understanding their culture, relating to their needs and dislikes, and speaking into their world view.

We also realise the work we do for anyone is ultimately for the Kingdom of God and as such make all our material available free of charge: whether it’s our time, skills, insights, or productions – it’s free to you.

About WEC

Listening to, serving and walking alongside local people, WEC International forms disciples, expecting to see churches flourish in cultures where Christ is little known. This involves us in many diverse activities, as fits local needs. WEC is committed to finding new, creative and culturally-relevant ways of doing mission.

WEC International takes the good news to the peoples and nations who have yet to hear it: the good news that Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins and peace with God, and to displace hatred with love.

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