Our annual trip to Habari Maalum College in Tanzania took place in April/May with 38 students learning how to write for media.

Chris was once again invited to participate as a lecturer in the college’s three-year diploma course.

The College is accredited by Government of Tanzania as a further education College. It started off as a learning centre for Christians but as a Government approved College, they have to open the admission to all faiths under their equal opportunity status.

The college has such an excellent track record that a number of Muslim students are now studying there: 4 Muslim students were in Chris’ class, which gave an opportunity to openly share the Gospel.  The students were given an assignment in which they had to write a drama based on a Bible story. Two of the four Muslims wrote an excellent drama, consulting and reading the Bible to understand the story.

Because of the College having such a good reputation, radio and TV stations now look for Habari Maalum students to join their organisation. Most of the students Chris has taught over the years now have very good jobs at different secular radio and TV stations in Tanzania and are being ‘salt and light’ for Jesus.

The College says that one of the reasons for success is good teaching by International faculty members (such as from RW).

We’re always thankful for the opportunity to partner with the college, especially when we see the impact it is having, both on students’ personal lives and that of local media.


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