So here we are – 6 months after our last blog post and you’re probably wondering what’s going on?

Well there has been quite a lot – so to summarise: Videos have been made. Trips have been undertaken. Post-production has begun. Partnerships have been explored. Plans have been made!


We have been working on a few promotional animations to represent our three major training events – SPAMM, SMART and S-and-P. If you want more information you’ll have to go and see them. Drop into our YouTube page here. You’ll also find some videos made by Bethel Bible students if you look around a bit.


Our regular trip to India has come and gone.

30 students from various regions around India gathered at the end of January for training in how to use media in Church Planting.

Half of the class consisted of women, who were from rural Indian situation, and it was great to see them preparing for Christian ministry. These women are quite shy and it was an effort to get any word out of them. One was because of language as their English is very restricted and secondly, it is cultural for them to keep silent in front of elderly people as well as the men on the course.

The students were really surprised what media can do for church planting and presenting the Gospel in a non-threatening way. They had not thought about using social media for spiritual engagement, so it came as a pleasant surprise for them. Though college does not allow the use of mobile phones and social media, the students are determined to use media in their ministry after they graduate. RW is making a difference to the future church in India by preparing these students for new media and tolls that have not been explored by majority of Churches.

(Don’t forget to look at those videos they produced!)


‘Tigers, Wirroways and Willow’ is in post-production. This means we’ve cut the vocal parts together and are now inserting ambience and effects before making the final package and releasing it as a podcast. Progress has been a bit slower than we would have liked so we’ve pushed back a potential release date to the end of March.

But before that, our Hindi programme ‘Fresh’ will be on air. Watch this space! (or visit our partners Christianity Works.)


A flurry of opportunities has popped up already this year which we’re exploring: ‘partnering’ with a newly-formed local internet radio station for the community we’re based in; working with a sister ministry Neighbours Worldwide to provide opportunities to produce material they can use with their folk; providing mobilising audio to get Australians engaging with audio drama production; and more! Some are so new there’s really nothing to report except that doors seem to be opening…


This year has seen a number of international opportunities come up too. In a week we will be travelling to the Gambia to do a week’s training – this is new ground for us as we’ve never been there before. A major conference takes place again in April in the Netherlands where we’ll be training 15 delegates in audio production and mixing with over 600 people from 200 organisations as well as being part of a major online learning initiative with our partners Mobil Advance and others. There are whispers of a potential South Africa trip, and we’ll be off to Egypt to meet with out ICTI partners in September. All this and plans for our summer schools, a trainee position, and more.

So – sorry for there being no news for a while. But it seems we’ve had a lot going on.

This isn’t the only place you can keep in touch of our work. We have our YouTube channel which is being developed here, as well as our Facebook page here. And of course we have our monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to.

Of course, what we’d really like is to hear from you too. Drop us a message or comment or email.